Sage MAS 90 – The General in the Business Battlefield

The general is the one person that masterminds the strategies in the battlefield, and so goes the same with Sage MAS 90, the world-renowned ERP software that acts as the central processing and brain of the business. An army going to war without a general to lead is synonymous to engaging a business without a CEO, no one to make plans and guide the company’s direction. Confronting the tough business world without taking advantage of Information Technology is like crossing the highways while closing your eyes. At this modern age, never engage in business without incorporating IT solutions. Information is the key! Getting the right information, details and facts is vital to the overall war campaign. In business, you have to know every factor affecting your company. If information is key, right information is the solution but wrong information is fatal. The Sage MAS 90 ERP and accounting software provides you information about your business up to the minute in real-time. Through Business Insights, a module that will give executives a quick overview of the company’s financial data which in turn allows them plan for the next move and make smart decision. With the integration of Sage KnowledgeSync, as the authority and decision maker, you will be notified when something significant happens to your business which includes warning you when a certain condition went beyond your company’s standards. Keeping adequate supply = keeping you alive Imagine a war campaign without adequate supply for ammunition, food, water, medicines, and other equipments. It will only be useless. Sage MAS 90, along with its inventory, sales orders and purchase orders modules, was designed to make sure that your warehouse has enough inventories at hand. When your stocks are low, the purchase order module automatically create purchase orders from your vendors which will guarantee that you will never run out of stocks whereas sales orders module records your customers’ orders, you will know the quantity, pricing, shipping address and a lot more. Everything is generated through Sage MAS 90 ERP software. Your troops and allies are the assets A general, through his effective leadership, is respected and loved by his loyal soldiers because he knows how to value his people. Strengthening the relationship between, your employees and customers is a crucial factor in business success. Sage MAS 90 Human Resources (HR) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules provide this solution. HR Modules handles paperless payroll and direct deposits, takes care of your taxing concerns and everything is done electronically. CRM module provides solutions for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Technical Support by integrating CRM software such as Sage SalesLogix, SageCRM and ACT! by Sage. With these, you are equipped with people who are empowered as they face your business battlefield. In conclusion, the Sage MAS 90 was designed to be the central brain of your business. The purpose of ERP software is not to replace human management but to enhance it. The versatile nature of Sage’s ERP software helps your people to be specialists and experts in their field. The role of a general is not to manage but to act as the manager of the company and a general by never allowing himself to get Below Must Unable. Remember, a general must lead, and a general must act as leader.

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