How to Safely Waypoint With Your Google Account

With the greater use of internet the lesser people know about the internet threats. One of which which which that most people are not aware of is the fact that hackers tend to find easy access to your mails through email account. It is so much easy to lose your mails through this simple act. If you are not careful enough, before you know it you will lose all your precious mails like passwords, data etc. As an answer to the question what is waypointing, it is simply the accomplishment of sending a mail from one place to another. With the use of Google maps interface and internet web services like you can easily determine the location of the message sender. But what kind of problem may it propose itself to you? Perhaps it will involve the exchange of data over the internet. Consider the case of the retailer who runs into a machine that is having trouble with its software. When the technician asks for a waypointing, you can easily supply him or her with one through your Gmail account. When you receive the reply you can view it in Google maps as an icon of a house. The retailer now has this information, which can be used to come up with a reasonable guess as to where the machine is. However, while this is a very simple method of obtaining data, it has its own share of drawbacks. Those who use this method of pointing to a location may not be able to see the icon in the upper right corner of the window. It may also not be possible to pinpoint the exact address because some of them are hideously hacked to have turned their sites into one with a different company’s logo. Cookies can also be generated by websites so if you don’t want to spammers to know when you are visiting their web site, this should be your first priority. Then there are the problems that can happen when you are trying to send a mail through Gmail’s web site. The spam filter of Gmail can quite easily delete this request and you will not be able to access your mail inbox. In addition, it will put a message into your Gmail account which can be read by anyone who has the desire to spy on you. Of course, this is a very unpractical method of combating spam because it will conflict with the basic principle of email – that is why you should be able to see the sender’s IP address wherever you see the IP address. In addition, it will make your mailing lists maintenance a headache since you will have to delete unwanted mails. There are two separate ways of hiding your IP address when you are surfing the internet. The first one is called the web proxy server; a website that replaces your primary address with a different one. The second method is a popular one among privacy advocates; specifically, hiding your real IP address with an e-mail address. Of course, this method has its disadvantages. A web proxy server requires a web-server; a website therefore has to be able to open a port. Additionally, it is usually slow since it is fetching and installing its own proxy server software.E-mail addresses, on the other hand, are attached to a specific computer; making it easier to track and trace. This is not to say that online proxies are less safe to use; quite the opposite. This is because web anonymizers are generally slow and this could be traced to the particular computer that generated the e-mail. E-mail addresses, on the other hand, are unique to the user and are often attached to a specific computer. Added to this are the advertisements and the lack of real time protection that one experiences when using these sites. This results in almost inevitable identity theft for users. A better option to choose is the use of applications that hide your IP address. With this application you can easily surf the internet anonymously, never to be traced and recognized. This is a serious advantage boost to your online activities. It is quite affordable; and works without leaving you open to data theft. Want to surf the web anonymously and protect your identity online with a hands-free system?CLICK HERE!

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