Why you shouldn’t use a free VPN

A VPN is indeed a great way to protect your business and personal information. However, as in every contract it is very important to read what is printed in small print, so in the issue of free VPNs, it would be nice to first understand and find all the pitfalls. Unfortunately, free VPNs often give a false sense of security, which is why you should definitely be aware of some of the inherent things about free VPNs.
Free VPN sounds too good to be true. How can a free VPN cover its costs if it doesn’t charge its customers? What’s the catch? While you think you’ve got anonymity and privacy from a free VPN, you don’t even know that the free VPN itself can track your web traffic and collect information about you.
There are other things that can cloud your life when you use a free VPN. For example, you may encounter a flood of unexpected advertisements, or your Internet connection will become much slower than usual due to bandwidth congestion. Another invisible danger is the use of outdated encryption methods by free VPNs that cannot provide adequate protection.

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