How to Bypass PSN Ban Using a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) is the most secure option when it comes to data efficiency and safety.Paid VPN for gamers provides many services, and the average monthly price is $5-10 depending on the desired ping and speeds. We will not recommend specific providers, but the Internet is full of guides for choosing a “gaming” VPN.

Keep in mind that technology has a number of serious limitations that should be noted.

First, speeds. 30 megabits for reception and 10 for upload is the maximum that you can squeeze out of a good consumer VPN.

Secondly, the ping will increase. From about 20 to 50 for close servers and a little more for international ones. Decide for yourself how critical it is for you.

So, you have chosen a VPN provider and now the service has given you a special file with settings. What to do next?

  • Download and install the VPN program
  • Right-click on the VPN icon in the tray and import your settings
  • The connection is controlled by a classic pair of buttons “connect / disconnect”.

Do not forget that VPN affects device performance, and therefore old or very cheap models may not cope with this task.

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