Gamers Who Don’t Use a VPN Face 14 Million Credential Attacks Daily

According to Atlas VPN research group, gamers who don’t use a VPN are exposed to over 14 million hacker attacks every day. Hackers steal the user’s account and get access to the owner’s credit card details as well as in-game assets.

While the problem of such attacks isn’t getting enough attention, the data shows that it is a widespread problem. From July 2018 to June 2020, hackers attacked players a shocking number of 9.83 billion times. In other words, players are exposed to about 13.5 million attacks per day or nearly 600 000 attacks every hour. The reports show that there are top 5 countries account for 49.32% of all fraudulent user login attempts. The United States, Russia, Canada, China, and Germany are in charge of 4.85 billion attacks out of 9.83 billion hacking invasion tries worldwide.

It seems that most of the credential abuse cases are originally coming from the United States. Though, everybody knows that hackers are used to changing their locations for managing attacks and providing misleading IPs. This means that the seats provided should be treated with a grain of salt. However, it doesn’t affect the number of attacks made. These top 5 locations are responsible for more than 7 million attacks per day or more than 300 thousand attacks per hour.

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