Top 3 VPNs for Gamers in 2020: Which is the Fastest?

Gamers are exposed to a significant number of threats. A reliable VPN can protect you, optimize your connection speed, and improve your gaming experience. In this list of VPNs, we’ve rounded up the ones that are perfect for gamers.

NordVPN is rated as a great choice for both amateurs and professional gamers looking to use the services of a reliable VPN provider. With over 5,390 servers in 61 countries, you can play with people from any country. Speed ​​is probably the first metric you will measure a gaming VPN service by, and NordVPN will not disappoint you. Recent server updates have greatly improved the stability and speed of NordVPN’s network connection, making it one of the best providers now.

ExpressVPN definitely lives up to its name: it regularly takes first place in our speed tests. Less server response latency can be a winning drop, and when it comes to ping, you won’t even notice that you’re using a VPN app with this provider.

With over 6,000+ servers, robust encryption, and no traffic and connection logs, CyberGhost is another provider that takes the word “private” seriously in the term “virtual private network”. One of the nice things about this VPN is the interface of its applications; By choosing from several dedicated operating modes, you can let CyberGhost know what you are using it for and get the optimal performance for your needs.

Whether you want to access blocked game content, improve your connection speed to remote servers, or avoid outside interference and DDoS attacks, a VPN will be a valuable member of your team. Choose the best with our VPN list.

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